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Words from a PCAG Parent:

"Having the opportunity to provide our children with a strong, Christ-centered education is both a privilege and a blessing. As a homeschool family, it can also be a challenge, especially during the high school years. As class requirements became more advanced, we found ourselves seeking resources that would allow us to continue our homeschooling journey while meeting the academic needs of our daughter. Palmetto Christian Academy has proven to be a valuable friend and partner in meeting this need. This year our daughter has taken Biology II and Geometry at PCAG while continuing to complete the remainder of her classes at home. The coursework at PCAG has been both challenging and rewarding, and the teachers are fantastic. Our daughter has been welcomed by her new classmates and truly enjoys being a part of the PCAG family. Transitioning to a school setting has not been without its challenges, but as we have worked through this school year, I have seen such growth in my daughter’s life - not only academic growth, but also growth in her character as she has worked hard, persevered, and seen the fruit of her efforts. We are thankful for the opportunity to work with Palmetto Christian Academy. This school truly seems to both understand and value the homeschool family, and they continue to be a blessing in our lives. "      

Words from Parents of PCAG Alumni:

"We have had three of our children graduate from PCAG, and we have been encouraged by the sound Christian education, the strong academic foundation it laid for college, and the healthy interpersonal relationships that developed there. Our children have consistently kept in touch with their PCAG friends, both students and staff. While at PCAG, they always enjoyed the warm, friendly environment and interacting with the younger students throughout each day. In the early days of PCAG, our children were involved in school activities and sports, including cross country, swimming, National Honor Society, yearbook, and Student Government. Because the school was small, they supplemented school activities and sports with club soccer and church league basketball. They also were involved in Young Life, church youth group, and other activities. They enjoyed memorable high school trips to Washington DC and New York City while at PCAG. Our children loved playing club soccer and talked about wanting to play high school soccer with their Toros club teammates. Since PCAG did not have a soccer team, we discussed a change to public high school. However, their love for their PCAG classmates and appreciation for a Christian school led them to stay and graduate from PCAG.

We are thankful for the lasting impact a PCAG education has had on our children, even into their adult years."