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Supply List for 2019-20

Palmetto Christian Academy of Greenwood

2019-2020 Supply List


Rather than a list of specific supplies for middle school and high school, students will need to be prepared for each class with appropriate supplies of his/her choice. Some supplies will be required for specific classes, but general supplies may be purchased according to preference. Supplies may include the following:

  • bookbag, NO WHEELS

  • notebooks – spiral, composition, or three-ring binders with dividers

  • folders

  • notebook paper

  • pens and pencils 

  • erasers

  • highlighters

  • lined white index cards 

  • Bible (New International Version)


Math and Science


  • TI 83 calculator or higher
  • graph paper
  • protractor, compass, ruler




  • Post-it notes


Spanish I, II, and III


  • dictionary


Rather than including school-wide supplies (including paper towels, disinfectant wipes and spray, white board markers, copy paper, etc.) on this list, we will purchase these items in bulk as needed throughout the school year. We will add a $35.00 supply fee to each student’s FACTS account, $17.50 on August 5, 2019 and again on January 10, 2020.