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Summer Reading 2018-2019

Summer Reading 2018-2019


Dear Parents,

As students enjoy their summer break, studies show they risk losing up to two months of learned language ability. Studies also show that classes can spend up to six weeks reteaching students material that they knew just last year. In order to counteract this annual summer learning loss and allow our students to make the most of their education, this year all upper-level English courses will be requiring summer reading.

We know how much you care to invest in your children’s education, and we know how hard your children work during the school year. This addition of summer reading is not meant to be a burden on you or them, but, instead, it is meant to help cement the hard work our students give all year long in the way that only independent application can. These assignments exist to encourage our students to take part in independent reading, to nourish their analytical skills, to enhance reading comprehension, and to better prepare them for their upcoming English Language courses. The assignments will also help generate discussion based on shared experience and inquiry.

In the PDF below, you will find the summer reading assignments for the 2018-2019 year. Your students were also given printed copies during the final week of classes. Make sure to look at the page that relates to the ELA course your student will be entering into in the Fall. All assignments will be due on Friday, August 24, allowing students a week after the beginning of the school year to finish their assignments.
If you have any questions about the assignments, high schoolers should contact Miss Douglas ( and middle schoolers should speak to Mrs. Durham (

Summer Reading 2018-2019 PDF →‚Äč Click Here