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PCAG’s Academic Resource Center (ARC) is designed to assist students in grades 1-12 who have specific learning disabilities, cognitive processing difficulties, or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. The ARC utilizes a variety of teaching techniques and learning strategies, offering students opportunities to build on their strengths, to improve areas of weakness, and to achieve success while enhancing self-confidence. 

The faculty and staff of The ARC and PCAG are committed to providing students with a high-quality education and the spiritual guidance needed to succeed for today and for a lifetime. Each student of The ARC has a 504 Accommodation that is reviewed and adjusted annually to evaluate academic performance and placement. This (along with any input or feedback available from the student’s parents, teachers, and physicians) is used to create individualized expectations for the student. Through The ARC, every student is challenged to perform at his or her full potential. The ARC not only offers academic excellence but also includes a Christian foundation to help students grow academically, socially, physically, and spiritually.  The ultimate goal for students with learning difficulties is to help them to integrate the necessary compensatory skills to become independent, lifelong learners. 

Following graduation students of The ARC will pursue placement in a university, two-year technical school, or job position. For more information, please contact the offices of PCAG at (864) 223-0391. An appointment will be made at that time to meet with the director of The ARC, Mrs. Bridget Bonetti.