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K5 – 12th Tuition




July – April

July – May

June – May

K5 ½ Day
$3,290.00 $329.00 $299.09 $274.17
K5 Full Day
$4,690.00 $469.00 $426.36 $390.83
Elementary (1st -5th)
$5,190.00 $519.00 $471.82 $432.50
Middle School (6th – 8th)
$5,790.00** $579.00 $526.36 $482.50
High School (9th – 12th)
$5,990.00** $599.00 $544.55 $499.17


**MS and HS tuition includes the cost of annual retreat. Students receiving tuition assistance will have the cost of the retreat (approximately $125) added to tuition once tuition assistance has been assigned.

The following fees are non-refundable.

  • Application Fee:  $150.00/student
  • Enrollment Fee: $300.00/student; due 15 days after notification of acceptance.
  • Re-enrollment fee – Standard - $300
    • Priority Enrollment – 01/19 – 02/07/2021 - $250/child with a $50/child discount ($100 family max)
    • Open Enrollment – 02/08 – 03/04/2021 - $250/child with a $25/child discount ($50 family max)
    • Late Enrollment  starts 03/05/2021 - $250/child      

Multiple Child discount: 
1st Child – full price
2nd Child – 4% discount
3rd Child – 15 % discount
4th Child and following – 33% discount

Tuition is charged at the full rate for the child in the highest grade. Discounts are applied in decreasing order from the highest grade.

Annual Payment/Semester Payment Discounts:  For families who choose to pay tuition on the annual payment schedule. Annual Payments are due in July. For families who choose to pay tuition on the semester payment schedule, there will be a 1% tuition discount. Semi-annual payments are due in July and January.

Only students enrolled full-time may receive a multiple-child discount or tuition assistance. For K5-5th grades, full time is defined as enrolled for five days per week, full days. For grades 6-12, full time is defined as 2 or more classes per semester, based on block schedule.

Tuition Assistance:  Tuition assistance is granted to families on a needs base formula as determined by FACTS Grant and Aid Assessment Service and is limited by our resources.  Assistance is based on the full tuition amount for each child. Assistance is not available for part-time students. The application is completed online at

Tuition Payments: 10, 11, and 12-month payment plans are offered for the convenience of our families. When enrolling, you may choose the 1st or 15th as your monthly payment due date.