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Uniform Policy

All students in grades 1-12 must have a white polo shirt embroidered with the PCAG logo.  This may be purchased through Lands End at 1-800-469-2222 or www.landsend.com/school.  Our preferred school code at Lands End is 9001-2662-4.

Solid color (any solid color is acceptable) polo shirt free of logos or other embellishments.*

Khaki or navy cotton twill pants/shorts, free of logos or other embellishments. Cargo pants or corduroy pants are not permitted.*

Girls may also wear skirts, skorts, shorts, capris, and jumpers. (no shorter than 2 ” above the knee.)*

All clothing should be in good repair with no holes or frayed material and fit appropriately, i.e. not sagging or tight.

Grades K4-5 must wear sneakers or tennis shoes every day.

Grades 6 – 12 may wear shoes or sandals without backs but not plastic flip flops.

Hats may not be worn at any time.

Girls may wear one pair of earrings.  Any other body piercings are prohibited.

Boys may not have any type of body piercing.

Extreme hair colors or styles are not permitted. Students  may not  wear decorative extensions in their hair, e.g. feathers or beads.

Male students’ hair may not be longer than the collar of their shirt and must be above their eyebrows.




Grades 6 – 12: PCAG P.E. uniform purchased from Lands End, sneakers

*These items may be purchased from any vendor.