Enrollment Process

A visit with the principal is the first step in the enrollment process. This visit may take place during your open house visit or you may schedule an appointment.

When to Apply

If you have made the decision to proceed with the application process, we encourage families to begin as soon as possible. Enrollment for new families begins on February 1. The application and all supplemental forms must be completed and returned to the school before a space will be held for a potential student. Students will be evaluated based on an entrance exam along with their standardized test results, prior academic and behavior record, and interview with the parent. Students entering grades 7 through 12 will also attend a meeting with the principal.All of these components will be carefully examined by the admissions committee to determine the student’s potential for success at PCAG.

As part of the application process at Palmetto Christian Academy, all prospective parents and/or guardians acknowledge receipt and support of our doctrinal beliefs.
Please contact the school office at (864) 223-0391 if you have any questions about the enrollment process.