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Middle and High School

All students (grades K4 -12) are asked to supply the following:

3 boxes facial tissues               3 pkgs. Computer/printer paper           1 pkg. Dry-erase markers

3 pkgs. disinfectant wipes        Paper towels – 3 rolls

All students in Grades 6 -12 must have a thumb drive in order to save their computer work.


Basic Supplies

Black/Blue Pens

Red Pens

Loose Leaf Paper (College-ruled)

3 – ring binder(s) with dividers

Folders with pockets (at least one per class)

Pencils (#2) (May use mechanical pencils. Mechanical pencils required in HS math and science)

Colored Pencils

Assignment Book (MS students must purchase this from PCAG. The cost is $5.00. HS students may purchase this from school but it is not required.)

3×5 Index Cards

Highlighters (as needed)

English/Language Arts

Collegiate Dictionary and Thesaurus

(e.g. Merriam Webster, American


2 packs loose-left notebook paper


Bible (ESV/NIV)

Social Studies/History

Materials included in Basic Supplies

Middle School Science

1 college-ruled, spiral-bound notebook

Middle School Math

Graph paper (1/4 inch squares)

1 college-ruled, spiral-bound notebook

Calculator: TI 83 or TI 84 (for 7th & 8th

TI 84 calculator if the student plans to take Pre-Calculus in High School. (6th grade students need at least a TI – 30Xa calculator or may purchase the TI 83 or TI 84 for use later.)

Black Dry-erase markers

Middle School Art

Spiral Sketch Book (returning students may use last year’s book)

Permanent Markers (Bic brand recommended but not required)

Black gel pen

6 small glue sticks


Package of white card stock

High School Math and Science

TI 83 Calculator (TI 84 if the student is taking or planning to take Pre-Calculus)

Black Dry-erase markers

Graph paper

Protractor, Compass, Ruler

Clear Safety Goggles (to be purchased at PCAG)

Spanish I, II, and III

1 package (300 count) 3×5 index cards – lined

1 – One inch 3-ring binder

2 – 8 packs of dividers

1 additional pack of computer/printer paper

1 pocket folder

5 plastic sheet protectors, top-opening (standard or heavy-duty)

2 colors fine-tipped dry-erase markers