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PCAG believes that blending Christian classical education with current technology will help prepare each student for the future. This includes introducing students to both Google Suites and Smartboard technology. Smartboards are used extensively in the lower school, and each elementary classroom is equipped with one. In the upper school, students regularly use the school’s Chromebooks to complete their lessons, and, by the time they graduate, they have learned to use the available tools within the Google Suites through classroom lessons and activities. 

As the school continues to grow, PCAG hopes to also grow its technology programs by equipping more classrooms with Smartboards and eventually becoming a one-to-one school, offering students access to their own school-provided device during their time at PCAG. 


PCAG recognizes mathematics as a foundational block for understanding God’s creation through higher level science. God created an orderly universe, and mathematics is an integral tool in the establishment of this order. It is also essential for a variety of purposes from basic daily living skills to understanding the complexity of the laws of physics. PCAG strives to inspire students to appreciate the importance of mathematics through analytical reasoning as applied to daily life.

Language Arts

God chose to share His message with the world not only orally, but also through writing. The creation of literature is one way in which mankind reflects the image of its Creator, even sometimes without meaning to do so. At PCAG, students read a wide range of literature, including both fictional and nonfictional works as well as works from both Christian and non-Christian authors.

PCAG believes that studying literature provides students with the tools to better empathize with their neighbor, speak the truth with confidence, and defend their faith. As such, students are taught to analyze as they read, learning to find bias in writing as well as biblical truth. They also learn how to better share their ideas through writing.


At PCAG, students are challenged to study God’s creation as a means of recognizing the complexity of His nature and the awesomeness of His plan for the earth. PCAG recognizes that Christians need to be involved in the scientific community in order to encourage other scientists to recognize the Creator. As such, PCAG strives to guide our students to understand the importance of applying technology appropriately rather than in a way that would harm God’s creation. Students are encouraged to serve God by being good stewards of the earth and its resources.


We have a new program to encourage and develop reading in our students. Students read a book and then take a quiz on the computer. This program is called ReadnQuiz. Students will only take quizzes at school, but they can access the reading list through the link below to know what books are available for reading.

Find books on ReadnQuiz »