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The ARC (Academic Resource Center) at PCAG (Palmetto Christian Academy of Greenwood) is designed to assist students who have cognitive or processing difficulties, those with attention deficit (hyperactivity) disorder, students diagnosed on the Autism Spectrum, as well as specific learning differences. The ARC utilizes a variety of teaching techniques and learning strategies, offering students opportunities to build on their strengths, to improve areas of weakness, and to achieve success while enhancing self-confidence. The ARC is available for students in grades K5-12 that are enrolled at Palmetto Christian Academy of Greenwood.
In order to assist the student in pin-pointing a particular point of academic struggle a Cognitive Screening is administered. This screening is given during a 30-45 minute, one-on-one session designed to identify students who may be vulnerable to learning differences. It provides a clear profile of strengths and weaknesses in the neuropsychological skills necessary for reading, writing and spelling. It serves as a measure towards developing goals in order that each student realize academic success.
Each student of the ARC has 504 Accommodations that are reviewed and adjusted annually to evaluate academic performance and placement. Expectations are individualized, and students are challenged to perform at their full potential. The ARC not only sets goals towards academic excellence but also includes a Christian foundation to help students grow academically, socially, physically, and spiritually. The ARC utilizes all available input and feedback from the student’s parents, teachers, and physicians. The ultimate goal for students with learning difficulties is to help them to integrate the necessary compensatory skills to become independent, life-long learners.
The ARC assists students and parents as they navigate through the paperwork needed for 504 Accommodations provided in the classroom as well as standardized test accommodations. Assistance will also be provided to parents of ARC students in contacting their school district and College Board, as needed. The ARC has a positive working relationship with both of these businesses and is glad to provide such assistance.
Following graduation, students of the ARC will pursue placement in a university, two year technical school, or job position. The faculty and staff of the ARC and PCAG are committed to providing students with a high quality education and the spiritual guidance needed to succeed for today and for a lifetime. With over 10 years of experience in this area, we are committed to assisting our families as they maneuver through this process - as stress free as possible.
To make an appointment with Bridget Bonetti/ARC Director - contact the offices of PCAG at (864) 223-0391.