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GCSHEA Opportunities

Together PCAG and GCSHEA are seeking opportunities to enhance the education of students for the glory of the Kingdom of God. With that in mind, PCAG is extending the following opportunities to students under the GCSHEA umbrella:

  • Middle school and High school students will receive a 25% discount off the individual course cost. Costs: MS courses (7th and 8th) $670 /class, HS courses including 8th grade Algebra 1, $708/course. You may take up to two courses at these costs.

  • Elementary students (K5-6) may enroll in a two-day a week performing arts course on Wednesday/Thursday with PCAG students at the cost of $200 a semester. The application fees will be waived for those taking the Elementary fine arts course and/or 1-2 middle school/high school courses with us.

  • Students taking 2-3 courses with PCAG at middle school and high school level would be eligible to play sports on all non-sanctioned SCISA teams or non-SCISA events. (Currently Varsity Basketball and Football are the only sports in which you cannot participate unless you take 4 courses or some combination of 4 courses between PCAG and Dual enrollment or online education through an approved PCAG provider.) The athletic fee for those taking 2-3 courses will be $50 higher than the regular athletic fee charged for each sport.

  • Students would also be extended opportunities in other non-SCISA areas as there are openings (such as in Bible Quiz, Academic Team, etc). The cost to participate in these events will be 33% higher than the cost to participate for a regular PCAG student. Event costs vary by individual event.

  • If a GCSHEA student wanted to become a full time student at PCAG (after being involved in elementary fine arts or taking two courses), the application fee would be waived and you would just pay the enrollment fee.

  • PCAG would open testing opportunities for Terra Nova, PSAT8/9, PSAT 10, PSAT, AP, SAT, ACT etc. to GCSHEA students at the same cost as PCAG students if they take 2 middle school or high school classes at the school. If students are not taking classes with PCAG, you could pay an additional $50 fee per school year as well as the cost charged to PCAG students for each exam in order to take part in these testing opportunities. 

  • Students taking at least two courses at PCAG or elementary fine arts will be eligible to attend and participate in PCAG student activities such as school trips, Non-Prom prom, field trips, and school wide competitions. Students may not be eligible to participate at the regional or state events if they are SCISA sanctioned events.

  • If PCAG has openings in any of its ARC, summer, tutorial programs, etc., GCSHEA students may attend at the same price as that charged to regular PCAG students.

For more information, contact PCAG at 864-223-0391 or email

GCSHEA Tuition and Fees 2018-19