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FACTS Tuition Management 

For the 2018-19 school year PCAG will begin using the services of FACTS Tuition Management as our primary means to facilitate tuition and incidental billing and payment. This program will benefit the school greatly in a myriad of ways. Please see the attached information. We will answer questions about FACTS at the Parent Q&A's this coming Monday and Tuesday.

Parents will also have the flexibility to choose you tuition payment date and plan. There is a once a year family fee that ranges from $20-$50 depending on the tuition payment plan you choose. 

FACTS provides 24 hours customer service and multiple forms of payment for both tuition and incidentals. 

FACTS is the same company PCAG has used to assess need for financial assistance through the FACTS Grant and Aid site. 

FACTS helps our school in on time tuition collection and assists in making our accounting process simpler. 

FACTS as the parent company of Renweb provides a seamless process for online applications, enrollment and re-enrollment.

Click here for more information about FACTS